White Pepper


White Pepper

⦿ spiciness (piperine)

2.56% – 3.48%

⦿ aroma (essential oil)

1% – 1.92 %

⦿ seed size (diameter)

3 – 4mm

⦿ densitymin

600gr each

Soaking, rinsing, drying and packing:

A sack of fresh peppercorns of East Luwu Pepper is soaked in running fresh water for 10-15 days to soften the skin. The sack is turned every 2-3 days to ensure all peppers are fully soaked. Then, they are stepped on to remove the outer skins before getting rinsed with fresh water. The white peppers are naturally dried under the sun on clean surfaces and area for up to 3 days to achieve 12% dryness level. They are spread evenly and thinly on a tarp and flipped back and forth using rakes 3-4 times a day. Finally, the peppers are cleaned thoroughly from debris and picked for proper storage.



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White Pepper

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