Made from pressed sawdust from wood milling industrial wastes,
Sawdust Briquette Charcoal is the best for BBQ, Room Heater and Industrial

Many people from Turkey, Korea, Japan,  Europe, Australia, and Arabian countries are
looking forward this charcoal. This charcoal is the favorite which is used by International standard Restaurant, Room Heater at winter, Sauna and any other





There are three grades in Sawdust, with the same high quality but difference in length : 

Specification :

Grade : AB

Shape : Hexagonal

Length: 10 cm up to 35 cm

Solid when packed

Burning Time up to 6 hours

Size: diameter 5 cm, inner hole: 1 cm

AB Grade is suitable and highly recommended for best home BBQ and International Standard Restaurants. People also like to use them for Room Heater in Winter, Industrial Fuel and any other purposes.

Grade :CD

Shape : Hexagonal

Length : 5 cm up to 10 cm

Bit crack when packed

Burning Time up to 4 hours

Size: diameter 5 cm, inner hole: 1 cm

Suitable for Grill

CD grade is usually used for daily grill, Room Heater at Winter, Sauna and other purposes, and sometimes it
can be used as more economical shisha charcoal.

Grade: E

Shape : Hexagonal

Length : 3 cm up to 5 cm

Burning Time up to 3 hours

Size : diameter 5 cm, inner hole: 1 cm

E grade is suitable for Small Grill uses, Room Heater at winter, Sauna, Briquette
Industry, and other purposes.

Capacity = 500 Tons /Month

MOQ = 1 Container @ 40 feet

Price : US$ 540 -740 / Ton


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