Cappuccino No Sugar


The price is for 10 sachet of Cappuccino. 

Each sachet is 14 grams weight.

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KOFFIKU Surabaya, Indonesia, presents Plain instant coffee
Cappuccino No Sugar (Plain Cappuccino)
This unsweetened cappuccino coffee is easy to serve as a beverage or food supplement. It is proceed with hygiene production using selected green coffee beans and packed into a premium food grade alufo guzzete bag so that the quality is well maintained. Suitable for diabetics who love coffee because it can be added sweetener according to taste. This cappuccino is also very suitable for hotel, cafe, & restaurant. It can be used for various foods (pudding, chips, and others) and recommended for beverage / food business. This cappuccino can be served hot or cold.

The Coffee brand can be rebranded by requested customer’s brand and also the packaging can be customized as per customer request (stick sachet, etc) for minimum order 5000 sachets.

Specifications per Sachet (14 grams)
Taste                         : Cappuccino
Ingredients              : Cappuccino Flavor, non dairy creamer, instant coffee
Weight                      : 14 grams
Moisture                  : Max 3.0%
Caffeine                   : Min 0.15%
Fat                             : Min 6.0%
Protein                     : Min 2.0%
Total Plate Count  : Max 5.0 x 105 colony/g
Yeast & Mould       : Max 1.0 x 102 colony/g
Packing                   : Alufo Gusette Bag in Sachet
Packing Bulk qty   : Transparant food grade polybag
Shelf Life                 : 2 years
Storage Condition : Cool & Dry Place
MOQ                        : 1600 Sachets (0.1 CBM)
MOQ bulk qty        : 50 Kgs packed in transparant food grade Polybag
Serving suggestion for hot drink:
1. Pour cappuccino no sugar 14 gram powder
2. Pour 2-3 tablespoons sugar / other sweeteners
3. Pour 150ml of hot water 80 degree celcius
4. Stir and serve
Serving presentation for cold drink:
1. Pour 1 sachet cappuccino no sugar powder 14 gram
2. Pour 2-3 tablespoons sugar / other sweeteners
3. Pour 100 ml of plain water
4. Stir until blended
5. Add 4 pieces ice cube
Serving sugesstion for  COLD PREPARATION:
1. Prepare Blender / Shaker in clean condition
2. Pour 2 cappuccino no sugar packs into Blender / Shaker
3. Add Sugar / other sweetener to taste
4. Pour 250ml water with ice cubes
5. Blend with blender / Shake with Shaker for 1 minute
6. Pour into Glass or cup 12 or 14 oz
7. Add Garnish / Garnis to your taste and creativity (optional)
8. Cover tightly with lid dome / Sealer
9. Serve

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