KRasti Pizza


We are ready to supply our best premix pizza base to your existing or new future pizza shop and restaurant. We guarantee the best quality dough to keep your customer loyalty.

Our Services

F16 Pizza Base Premix

Suitable for deep pan pizza and thin pizza crust. Also can be used for pastry such sausage roll, cheese roll, fried stick bread, calzone, etc.

F16 Tomato Pizza Sauce

The sauce is sweat and sour has dominant taste that everybody likes. This sauce is good for spaghetti bolognese sauce and lasagna tomato sauce with a simple cooking preparation

E-Flute Pizza Box (Cloth, Hampers, Snack, Clock, etc)

This pizza boxes are firm texture with high quality proses using the newest technology die cut & printing machine

Our Experiences

We develop the first recipe in 2011 and reach the best quality recipe in 2016. We have produce more than 500 tons since 2011 and still growing. We are targeting 10 tons/month procuction capacity in 2021. Currently we are in the 15% of it, about 1-2 tons per month.


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