Island Coffee Indonesia


Island Coffee Indonesia is coffee producer from Indonesia. We bring Indonesian coffee into our wing. Our main products is Robusta but we still have Arabica. Our coffee selections now is from West Sumatra : Solok and Painan, Kerinci, Bali and Flores. We process our green beans carefully, roasting with care, grind and pack. We do double hand picked on the green beans and roasted beans to ensure the premium quality for people to enjoy. We also do your own label and your own blends. Contact us for further discussion.

Our Services

Green Beans

We provide green beans from the West Sumatra, Kerinci, Bali and Flores.

Roasted Beans

We provide roasted beans of coffee from West Sumatra, Kerinci, Bali, and Flores

Ground Coffee

We can do ground coffee as per your request. Espresso, manual brewing, and very fine ground.

Our Experiences

Our coffee is roasted medium dark carefully to have a nice body, aroma, taste yet comfortable to your stomach.


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