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Trading of Agricultural Products, Herbs and spices, Cooking Oil, etc. Retail and wholesale fashion sector like Batik and Moslem Wear since 2012, Event Organizer for event and bazar for UMKM or SME’s, Seminar and workshop for vocational study, etc.

Our Services

Trading Agricultural Products

Coffee Green Bean, Roasted, Ground or Powder coffee. Single Coffee Arabica and Robusta. There are also Blend Coffee and Coffee Mix are availbale as request. The Coffees are from West Java, Coffeee Pasuruan and Jember from East Java. Coffee Sidikalang and Simalungun from North Sumatera, Coffee Gayo from Aceh. There is also special Coffee Robusta from Lampung, and Green Bean Coffee from Lombok, NTT. Tea, bulk and at a pouch are available from West Java. Cashew nut, Betel Nut, Cinnamon stick and powder, Pepper, etc. There are Herbal drink from spice (Wedang Uhu), Red Gingir drink, Moringa (Kelor Leaf) tea, etc.

Fashion and Accesories

Batik Fabric, Batik Ready to wear for adult and children Moslem Wear Batik for uniform Accesories from Batik (Batik Mask, Neclace, Scarfs, ets)


Event and Exebition of SME’s activities, Vocational Training for Kulinary and Fashion, etc

Our Experiences

Trade Expo
As a host of vocational study, training and Seminars. Training to Students and Young Teachers under cooperation with HR and Training Institution, SME’s (UMK) workshops and exebution (Bazar) activities at a premium mall, at institution or office. Vocational Students of Culinery Competition, etc


Business Matching ewith Buyer
National ExProducts Exebition Converence, Tangerang, Banten in 2018
Education Expo in Tangerang Selatan, Banten
Marketing Week at Kota Casablanka Jakarta 2019
Cinnamon Fried Chicken at Banten Expo in ICE-BSD, Tangerang
Cashew Nut at a Plastic bag 10 kg

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