Spices Coffe & Spices Tea


our product is a blended peaberry coffe with spices and black tea with spices Fresh Aroma and delicious taste keeping the body’s stamina fit so that it makes it easier for the body’s immune system to form during the covid 19 pandemic

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Spices tea 50 g

Fveryone in the world loves TEA and COFFE. Exoteeq mixes this it with spices the goals is not just to drink coffe and tea but there must be benefits for the health of the body Exoteeq spiced tea can be used as basic ingredient for a drink menu variant. We mix this spices tea with milk, chocolate,fruit strawberry and avocado we pack it the form of brewed tea

Spices Tea bag 20 g(10 bag)

Tea that is familiar to consumption in the world is black tea. We to mix black tea with spices so that it can get health benefits

Spices Coffe 100 g

Spices Coffe is a blend of peaberrycoffe with spices. The goals is to get a unique and delicious taste without leaving the original character of the coffe

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Spices Tea 50 g
any Food Exoteeq the Drink


Spices Tea 50 g
Spices Tea bag 20 g (10 pcs)
Spices coffe
Spices Drip Coffe
Spices Coffe & Spices Tea

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