The Indonesia Direct Story

We Help Indonesian SMEs Crossing the Border Trough eCommerce

At Indonesia Direct, we believe cross-border trade always be a relationship business, no matter how advance the technology it uses.

Our mission is to leverage the success rate of Indonesian SMEs export worldwide through our capacity building program
and cross-border eCommerce platform.

We take the vendor close into the community. But we take you the buyer, closer

Here we are now. The community has 400+ vendor members and counting. Indonesia Direct becomes an enabler community for its members who eager to market their products worldwide. Our cross-border eCommerce platform strengthens the commitment to bring Indonesian SMEs products to be available in every home worldwide

We go beyond an eCommerce machine whatsoever.

We give you the heart and brain of our commitment in every eCommerce deal.

We offer you a flexible payment method. We assure you, no more headache for
vendor research. All of our vendors are curated and trusted. In fact, we know our vendors in person.
That’s what we call peace of mind.

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Our Core Value

We believe that the foundation of a successful business is a strong connection and support to our customers

We grow through creativity, invention, and innovation.

We operate honestly, to integrate all business ethics in every aspect of our business function

How We Got Here

We cherish every step of the journey and will go the extra mile
for you, our customers

Initially, Indonesia Direct was a WhatsApp group that aimed to discuss the export potential for SME products worldwide. More than 250 enthusiastic SME entrepreneurs joined the group in no time.

Indonesia Direct founded on September 2, 2018. We hosted our first online workshop through a WhatsApp group with export practitioners as expert speakers. The title was “Increasing Foreign Exchange with Direct Selling Strategy. An Ali Baba and Ali Express Case Study”

Couple months afterwards, as the group members were getting more and more and urged for a meeting. We eventually held our first nationwide convention (Silaturahmi Nasional) in Solo central java. The convention was supported and opened by Ministry of industry Director General, central java industrial and commerce chief, house of representatives member and over hundred of IndonesiDirect members from all over Indonesia.

On 22 October 2018, Indonesia Direct signed an MOU with PUM, a non-profit organization from the Netherlands that coordinates Dutch retirees to help entrepreneurs in developing countries

We held the first observations and workshops with Mr. Franc Reefman as a mentor. He is an expert on International Marketing and Branding from the Netherlands. Our collaboration aims to improve the branding and management of Indonesia Direct and several SMEs in Solo, Indonesia.

Indonesia Direct collaborates with Agro Jowo, a business entity of the Central Java Province Government to encourage its members to be ready to export.

In September 2019. Indonesia Direct and Agro Jowo members participate in exhibitions and business meetings at the Thessaloniki International Fair (TIF) in Greece. The exhibition went successfully and brought in several transactions for SME products that we brought.

Our cross-border eCommerce platform launched in March 2019 aiming to showcase and promote our member’s products

At the present stage, Indonesia Direct platform eventually has become an integrated digital portal of Business Training, mentoring and promoting for our member’s business on one side and a reliable source of indigenious Indonesian products for our prospective buyers on the other side

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